Monday, July 23, 2012

PPN Ren Fest, July 22nd 2012

Swords, prophets, magic scrolls, fortune tellers and... yo-yos?

Last night was stupid amounts of fun. Big thanks to everyone who came and shared the love.

Please come again next month and bring all your friends because it's OUR PPN BIRTHDAY -- Sunday, August 19th. Details coming soon.

Becky came to massage our spirits with the mystical ways of Tarot

Dana, Yo-Yo World Champion, conjured some strange forces and dazzled us with his tricks.

 Shelby, our lovely host at The Loom, taught us about Edgar Cayce, the Prophet/Psychic.

Tom gave us a detailed history of swords. 

Eric Carlson showed us some magical text scrolls he made.

and everyone had a good night! Goodnight!
(extra <3 to Andy and Ashley, who are working on the all-new PPN website. Stay tuned.)

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